PINNOS is the Panorama of the Health Innovation Ecosystem in Colombia. It arises as a strategy of the Institute of Prospective and Innovation in Health – INNOS, to recognize, understand and make visible the most outstanding innovations with an impact on the sector that are generated by the actors of the Ecosystem.

With the purpose of obtaining a more complete vision of the health innovation ecosystem, collecting more information from the actors in different regions of our country, understanding the maturity of the solutions presented by organizations on health innovation issues, PINNOS is proposed in its 2023 version as a tool for the design of Mission-oriented Health Innovation Policies and strategies (PISOMs).

The analysis of the results derived from the survey will allow us to know the current state of management of the organization, the initiatives developed and the health innovation ecosystem.

The synergy between actors:


Promotes synergy between actors that
Through innovation they contribute to the
solution to health challenges

Health innovation calls for the participation of a multiplicity of actors, who interact in a dynamic and open ecosystem. At the center, the human being (healthy citizen/patient) and health, as the purpose and ultimate goal of health innovation and its innovation ecosystem.

In general, the Health Innovation Ecosystem includes agents from health systems, CTeI, industry, higher education, the public sector and civil society. Interactions are generated around the needs and opportunities of the citizen and health that allow building capabilities, generating solutions, developing them, evaluating them and putting them to use to positively impact health, the health system or the health industry.

Who can participate?

You can apply if you have developed or improved an innovative solution, policy, practice or service that contributes to:

Improve health care.
Improve experience of users and/or staff of the sector
Expand system coverage.
Be more competitive and productive.
Increase the effectiveness of services.

Facilitar la financiación y crecimiento de emprendimientos y empresas del sector

Promote well-being in actors.
Solving health challenges in Colombia through innovation


Administrative Entities
of Benefit Plans in
Health (EAPB
providers of
health services (IPS)

organization or community

Guilds, societies
professionals or

Patients Association

Research Center,
Innovation, or
Research and Development

Institution of
Higher Education

or Startup

of health

Health Promoters (EPS)

Marketer of
health devices

Pharmaceutical companies
and auxiliary health

Advisory services
on innovation and
intellectual property

Government or Regulatory

Institution or
public establishment

…Among others…

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With support from: