“PINNOS is the Panorama of the health innovation ecosystem in Colombia. It arises as a strategy of the Institute for Prospective and Innovation in Health-INNOS, to recognize, understand and make visible the most outstanding innovations with an impact on the sector that are generated by the actors of the Ecosystem. In addition, it is expected to identify trends, areas of opportunity and challenges of those who promote and support innovations in health in the country.

This portal will visualize, from November 2022, the main findings and the panorama of the ecosystem as an open resource for the actors of the sector. With this, INNOS confirms its commitment to imagine the future of health and innovation in Colombia”.

What is PINNOS?

Innovation refers to the development of processes or activities that introduce new products, procedures, technologies, services, methods or health policies or their significant improvements, with the purpose of positively impacting the quality of life and well-being of individuals and their families.

Communities, through the generation of value in terms of efficacy, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, sustainability, safety and accessibility at the different levels of the health ecosystem.

The synergy between actors:
La sinergia

PINNOS promotes synergy between actors that through innovation contribute to the solution of health challenges in Colombia.

¿Qué vamos a lograr?

What are we going to achieve?

  • Provide the community with an annual report on the state of the national health innovation ecosystem.
  • Make the actors visible according to their roles, contributions and categories in the health innovation ecosystem.
  • Hold an event to recognize contributions to health innovation in the country.

Nuestros objetivos

Our objetive

PINNOS seeks to generate an annual report on the Panorama of the innovation ecosystem in health in Colombia, for this:

  • We will identify and recognize outstanding innovations.
  • We will promote the development of synergies and networks for innovation.
  • We will create a freely accessible web report that will provide information for decision-making in the field of health innovation in Colombia.

Who can participate?

You can apply if you have developed or improved a product, policy, practice or service that contributes to

  • Improve health care.
  • Improve user experience and/or sector staff.
  • Expand system coverage.
  • Be more competitive and productive.
  • Increase the effectiveness of services.
  • Facilitate the financing and growth of ventures and companies in the sector.
  • Promote well-being in actors.

or in general that contributes to solving the challenges of health in Colombia through innovation.

Ícono cerebro

Actors linked to:

  • Academy and research centers (ex: Universities, Technical and Technological Institutions). Startups
  • Non-profit entities (eg: medical and patient associations, foundations and associations).
  • Insurers, Administrative Entities of Health Benefit Plans (EAPB) and Health Provider Institute (IPS).
  • Accelerators, angel investors, investment funds and banking.
  • Pharmaceutical companies, suppliers of supplies, devices and complementary or auxiliary health services.
  • Government and regulatory agencies involved in innovation in the health sector


¿Cómo participar?

How to take part?

“Too easy! You just have to fill out the form to learn a little more about the general details of your contribution to the health innovation ecosystem in Colombia. If necessary, for further information, we will contact you.


How will we select the most outstanding innovations?

Through the formation of a panel of experts who will evaluate the most significant contributions.

If you are recognized, you can get…

  • Media visibility.
  • Visibility on the PINNOS platform.
  • Opportunities for forming alliances and linking to networks.
  • An annual participation space in PINNOS.
  • Training for R+D+i in health.

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